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HI !
My name is Elena Saveleva.
I live in Saint- Petersburg. I have the nursery of Siberian cats Bruno Ange.
Cat Bruno is the first champion of European Fifes open a class Cats. Bruno confirmed this title in november 2004 soon on international exhibition in in Saint- Petersburg.
I am a member of cats club Basket. It is the most club in Russia. It exists 14 years. Basket is Russian member of Fife - international felinological federation.
Club Basket makes very large pedigree work. All clubs cats registers in Russian pedigree book.
Cat Bruno was born in April 1997 in my cats family. It is a Siberian breed. Brunos mother Chudo Angela live with me. My cats family consisttd of its sisters Victoria
Vasange, Gloria Timange, Vanessa Vasange, many its nephews and cousins.
Look at the foto!
Brunos genialogical roots is very intresting. This roots includes the fine cherepahova grandmother Gulei- Gulchatay and very fine Micael (Galina Narodnays).
You can see Dzatana Timange he is champion Of Europe of sistem FIFe,the brother and uncle of my nurstes. I hope, that it will be a champion too. But Bruno is the strongest now (International exhibition November 2004 Saint-Petersburg).
Wtite to me, If you like my downy (fluffu) and affectional kittens or you want to buy the kitten. I can tell you about care of Siberian cats.

Cat Bruno cahmpion Fife in Europe.
Bruno''s cat champion FIFE. it to year it has confirmed a rank of the champion! The euro champion Dzhanatan Timanzhe also became champion FIFE. Certificate 46 (MAIL FIFe) Dzhanatan has numerous posterity (with prefix Timanzhe) in nurseries of the world.

Current projects(news):
Sale cat`s.Write in my mail , call me 7(812)742-41-83
On February, 28th, from Grandinter Champion FIFe, Korvet Prince Gvidona, were born 2 cats: the Blue girl and the Tiger (?) with white paws. Grow up and wait for the owner . Concerning purchase, address on mail!
In photogallery is new photocard`s!Other mail
This site has made Smirnov Arthur.

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